Pilates Testimonials

Rick Pullan

(who advised his wife to go too… and she did!!… she agrees with me.. now in Jill’s Advanced class)

I realised I wasn’t ‘Peter Pan’ any more when my lower back went… again… into spasm and I fainted!.
Physio advised Pilates… thought it was something la-di-da for women!! I challenge any man who has abdominal transverses issues to go to Jill’s classes. She teaches the physiological theory, demo’s how to do it right, how to do it wrong, you really learn. I am fitter now than when I was 45 and that’s a while ago. Can’t live without her!


A.Maden, Surrey

I have been attending Jill’s Pilates class for eight or more years. She never fails to inspire us with her precise instructions and in depth knowledge of what is required in each and every exercise. She gives various alternatives to suit our different levels of fitness and is meticulous in advising on how to avoid injury. She is inspirational and truly the best Pilates teacher I have ever had.



Doing Pilates has improved my posture, flexibility and has helped alleviate various aches and pains. Jill’s classes encompass a wide range of ages and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.


About five years ago, following numerous back problems and visits to chiropractors, I joined Jill’s Pilates class and not had any problems since.


Rosalind Patey

I have been attending Jill’s classes now for seven years. I have only ever had three excellent teachers spanning 30 years plus and Jill is one of them. I want an exercise routine and teachers who will keep my body strong and supple as age increases. Have found both.


Shannon, St. Lucia & London

Jill’s classes are an amazing mind and body elixir. I am so energised and positive afterwards, plus toned and trim!


William, now living in York

Jill taught me mat work and reformer classes for years. I miss the classes greatly, but sadly had to move north.