Throwback Thursday: Jill Thornton on BBC Breakfast 2008

As it’s Throwback Thursday, let’s rewind and throwback the years to January 2008 where I featured on the BBC Breakfast Show. I recently came across this and thought I have to share and upload it to my YouTube Channel.

Back in 2008 the BBC did a feature on myself and how to ‘keep your age rage at bay’. The feature was all about older women and how to reduce ageing and keep looking and feeling young with an active and healthy lifestyle. They followed me on my exploits in and around Guildford, focusing on my Pilates Classes, Nutrition and Shopping, etc. Take a look at the video below and share your comments.



Seventeen years ago I had never heard of Pilates. Three successive pregnancies had led to a chronic back problem. Medical intervention gave only temporary relief. It was Pilates that solved my problem for good.

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