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Post Pilates Bacon Sarnie with Vogel's Toast

Post Pilates Bacon Sarnie with Vogel’s Toast

Looking for some healthy food ideas following your Pilates workout? Something to satisfy those cravings and replace those burnt energy stores? Then look no further with this healthy Post Pilates Bacon Sarnie with Vogel’s Toast recipe that will hit the spot every time! This recipe features the Sunflower & Barley Loaf from Vogel’s Bread, which […]

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Do you suffer from a Bad Back?

In most cases, Pilates can help by strengthening your core muscles to help support your spine and teaching you to improve your posture. But be careful. Make sure your teacher has appropriate qualifications, so you are taught suitable exercises. The size of the class is also important. More than 12 in the class is likely […]

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